PQA Quality Measures

Performance Measures

PQA performance measures are grouped into the domains of Adherence, Appropriate Medication Use, Medication Safety, and Medication Therapy Management. PQA has two core measures sets focused on opioid prescribing and specialty medications. All PQA-endorsed measures are reviewed regularly and are updated as needed.

  • Provide a benchmark, allowing for comparison across organizations or systems
  • Are often mandated by government programs or payers
  • Include pre-established criteria with no ability for any organization to modify the criteria
  • Can be used for contract fulfillment, public reporting, and pay-for-performance programs
Adherence Appropriate Medication Use Medication Safety
Medication Therapy Management Opioid Core Measure Set Specialty Core Measure Set


Monitoring Measures


Monitoring measures are intended to promote standardized documentation and reporting of healthcare processes, intermediate outcomes, or outcomes and may be used for standardized reporting requirements for monitoring or surveillance purposes but not for accountability programs.

  • The Medication Therapy Problem Resolution (MTPR) monitoring measure is based on the PQA Medication Therapy Problem Categories Framework and evaluates the percentage of interventions that resolve medication therapy problems among individuals participating in an MTM program.


Overview of PQA Measures PQA Measure Descriptions and FAQs

PQA Quality Improvement Indicators (QIIs)

PQA quality improvement indicators are metrics used by organizations solely for internal quality improvement.