Medication Use Quality - An Education Training and Certificate Program

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Medication Use Quality is an online PQA continuing education and certificate program for healthcare quality professionals, who are working to improve patient outcomes through safe and appropriate medication use. This program empowers professionals to understand and implement effective quality improvement programs across the healthcare industry.

You will receive advanced training on quality measurement and strategies to improve medication safety, adherence and appropriate use with an emphasis on real-world examples and best practices.

The program addresses top issues that will shape quality for years to come:

  • Value-based care
  • Innovative pharmacist-provided care
  • Social determinants of health
  • Health information technology
  • Medicare, Medicaid and federal programs
  • Private sector innovation
  • Diabetes, heart disease, opioids and other high-impact areas of care

This program is ideal for healthcare professionals leading quality programs in:

  • Pharmacy ProfessionalsCommunity pharmacy
  • Specialty pharmacy
  • Health plans
  • Hospitals and health systems
  • Accountable care organizations
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Pharmacy benefit management
  • Technology solution providers
  • Physician group practices
  • Research and academia

Pharmacy Professionals The program features a core curriculum, elective tracks and practice-based learning.

The program was expanded in September 2021 to include a new, 3-hour course on Measuring Quality to Improve HIV Medication Use, which can be taken as an independent course or as part of the 15-hour certificate program. This activity was supported by an independent medical education grant from Merck & Co.

Here are the learning modules for each part of the program:

Core Curriculum
10 hours of advanced training with an emphasis on real-world examples and best practices

  • The Role of Quality Measurement in Healthcare
  • Quality Measurement Professionals: From Development to Implementation
  • What Makes a Good Measure?
  • Measurement Programs
  • Medicare Part D Star Ratings
  • Health Information Technology
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Navigating the Quality Regulatory Environment
  • Creating a Quality Improvement Plan
  • Interventions to Improve Care
  • Measures in Practice: Informing the Delivery and Evaluation of Care

Elective Tracks
3 hours with options focused on specific roles in quality improvement

  • Building Expertise in Calculating Measures
  • Mastering Today’s Quality Landscape
  • Measuring Quality to Improve HIV Medication Use

Practice-based Learning
2 hours to apply quality improvement knowledge

  • Practice-Based Component: Putting it All Together

This is a 15-hour education training and certificate 
program that is nationally accredited for continuing education for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, nurses and physicians. The cost of the program is $199 for PQA members and $349 for non-members.

The program is provided through the PQA Education Center. See our tutorial guide for accessing the program and our frequently asked questions. For additional information, including details on discounts and group purchasing opportunities, contact PQA at [email protected].

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