Developing Measures That Matter

PQA uses a systematic, transparent, and consensus-based process to conceptualize, specify, test, refine, endorse, and maintain measures of medication-use quality in the domains of Appropriate Use, Safety, Adherence, and Medication Management Services. PQA prioritizes flexibility and productivity when developing these measures and evaluates them against the following standard criteria: importance, scientific acceptability, feasibility, and usability. Concepts selected for development align with national priorities, represent areas where there are clinical and measurement gaps, and have the greatest potential for adoption in existing measure sets and performance systems.

PQA members have numerous opportunities to participate in and influence decisions on measures throughout all phases of development, including serving on various panels (Technical Expert Panels, Measure Update Panel, Measure Validity Panel, Quality Metrics Expert Panel and Risk Adjustment Advisory Panel), participating in measure testing, and voting to endorse or retire measures. Additionally, PQA systematically solicits input from both members and non-members during the development process through public comment periods.

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