Using and Licensing PQA Measures

PQA Measure Manual

The PQA Measure Manual includes the specifications for all PQA measures. PQA owns and maintains the performance measures, monitoring measures, and quality improvement indicators listed within this manual. The manual also provides guidelines and detailed specifications for implementation of the measures.

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PQA Value Sets

PQA Value Sets, including National Drug Code (NDC) lists, are required to calculate PQA measures as specified. PQA updates the NDC lists twice annually and distributes the lists to licensees and authorized users of the measures.

PQA offers a subscription service for monthly NDC list updates to support more timely monitoring and quality improvement initiatives throughout the year. This monthly update is in addition to the biannual lists and will include the addition of new drugs that come to market as well as any new NDCs for existing drugs. Concurrent with the new subscription, PQA has redesigned its Value Sets, of which the NDC lists are a part. The redesign streamlines the organization and presentation of the Value Sets and makes the sets more user friendly.

Licensing PQA Measures

Organizations must enter into a license agreement to obtain approval to use PQA Measures. Learn more by reviewing the PQA Measure Use and License Policy. For more information, email PQA at [email protected].

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PQA Measure Manual
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How to Get Technical Assistance

You may submit your questions to [email protected].

PQA Measure Use in the Medicare Part D Star Ratings

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will include 14 individual measures of quality in the 2019 Medicare Part D Star ratings, with five PQA measures within the domain of Drug Safety and Accuracy of Drug Pricing.

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PQA Measure Use in the Health Insurance Exchange Quality Rating System

The PQA Proportion of Days Covered: 3 Rates (PDC) and International Normalized Ratio Monitoring for Individuals on Warfarin (INR) measures are currently used in the 2020 Health Insurance Exchange Quality Ratings System (QRS). Qualified Health Plans requesting the Value Sets for the PDC and INR measures can learn more here.

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