Quality Improvement Indicators (QIIs)

These metrics are used by organizations solely for internal quality improvement.

  • Provision of Medication Therapy Management Services Post Hospital Discharge
  • Readmission of Patients Provided Medication Therapy Management Services Post Hospital Discharge
  • Medication Synchronization: Program Acceptance and Initial Synchronization
  • Medication Synchronization: Patient Contact Rate
  • Medication Synchronization: Completeness
  • Medication Synchronization Continuation: 2 Rates

Quality Improvement Indicators Differ from Performance Measures

There is a need for pharmacists, pharmacies, and provider organizations to measure the quality of internal processes and outcomes of care, but without the obligation for external reporting or comparison.

Quality Improvement Indicators

  • Do not provide a benchmark; rather they are used within an organization to establish a baseline
  • Allow organizations to implement quality improvement strategies to shift their baseline
  • Are used to better understand the efficiency and outcomes of internal processes
  • Are inherently more flexible, and can be applied to different populations over different time periods
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