PQA Pharmacy Performance Measures in Development

Pharmacy performance measures evaluate quality of pharmacies and assess pharmacist-provided care and pharmacy-based services. Pharmacy performance measures provide pharmacists the opportunity to demonstrate their contributions toward high-quality, patient-centered care.

PQA is developing a set of standard pharmacy performance measures that would be appropriate for pharmacy accountability, once assessed against standard measure criteria and endorsed by PQA membership.

Overview of Current Measure Development Work

PQA's Pharmacy Measure Development Action Plan guides the organization's continued work to build out a pharmacy measure set suitable for payer-pharmacy arrangements. It outlines next steps for developing measure concepts that were prioritized based on their feasibility and usability. PQA launched three Technical Expert Panels (TEPs) in 2020 and 2021 to develop prioritized pharmacy measure concepts. Each is listed below, along with their status of development: 

  • Hemoglobin A1c Reporting (Pharmacy) and Blood Pressure Reporting (Pharmacy) 
    • PQA aims to complete specification of these two measure concepts in early 2022 and will be seeking testing partners* at that time
  • Continuous Antidepressant Medication Therapy (Pharmacy) (CAT-PH)
    • Moving into the testing phase; PQA currently is seeking testing partners*
  • Proportion of Days Covered Composite: Renin Angiotensin System Antagonists, Statins, and Diabetes medications (Pharmacy) (PDC-CMP-PH)
    • Endorsed December 2021

*Contact PQA's Performance Measurement Team at [email protected] to learn more about testing opportunities. 

TEPs to develop additional prioritized concepts will be launched in 2022 and beyond, to continue to build out PQA's set of standardized pharmacy measures.

Resources and Updates

Questions about PQA’s pharmacy measure development should be directed to PQA’s Performance Measurement Team at [email protected].

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