PQA Pharmacy Performance Measures in Development

Pharmacy performance measures evaluate quality of pharmacies and assess pharmacist-provided care and pharmacy-based services. Pharmacy performance measures provide pharmacists the opportunity to demonstrate their contributions toward high-quality, patient-centered care.

PQA is developing a set of standard pharmacy performance measures that would be appropriate for pharmacy accountability, once assessed against standard measure criteria and endorsed by PQA membership.

Overview of Current Measure Development Work

The focus of PQA’s current work is the creation of a Pharmacy Measure Development Action Plan (Plan). Guided by member and stakeholder input, the Plan will outline next steps for developing measure concepts that have been prioritized based on their feasibility (data source availability) and usability (likely to be adopted in the marketplace). Following a comment period on the Plan, PQA will launch Technical Expert Panels (TEPs) beginning in October 2020, with varied development timelines based on the complexity of the measure – with a goal of having some measures endorsed in Q4 2021 to add to the measure set, and additional development to continue for more complex measures to be added to the set over time.

PQA received comments on the draft Pharmacy Measure Development Action Plan, August 6-28, 2020. PQA is reviewing those comments and will finalize the Action Plan in September 2020. Here is additional information on the draft plan and the concluded comment period:

  • A PQA comment period memo with the draft Pharmacy Measure Development Action Plan
  • A link to the online comment form
  • A recording of the August 6 PQA Stakeholder Advisory Meeting about the draft plan
  • Questions about the comment period can be directed to [email protected]

Resources and Updates

Questions about PQA’s pharmacy measure development should be directed to PQA’s Performance Measurement Team at [email protected].

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