Caring for the Whole Patient

Renaissance Capital View Hotel, 2800 S. Potomac Ave., Arlington, VA 22202

PQA is hosting a national forum to showcase emerging best practices to address the social determinants of health (SDOH) and the role of pharmacists. Embedded in the community as the most accessible healthcare providers, pharmacists are uniquely positioned to connect individuals to resources. The forum features fast-paced, compelling presentations from national leaders, who are pioneering SDOH initiatives, and interactive “innovation laboratories,” where participants will collaboratively discuss strategies for scaling SDOH solutions and leveraging pharmacists in their organizations’ work.
The forum will address SDOH across different populations, in diverse care settings, and the business case for paying to address SDOH. The forum is focused on take-home value and equipping participants with ideas and tools for advancing efforts to address SDOH in their own work and in partnership with pharmacists.
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Who Should Attend?

The forum will be of interest to all quality-focused healthcare professionals, who are involved in efforts to address social determinants of health. Forum attendees will include representatives from:

health plans | clinicians, pharmacists and providers | health systems | employers | life sciences organizations | patients, caregivers and advocates | federal and state government agencies | community and faith-based organizations | technology solutions providers | foundations | researchers

Leveraging Pharmacists to Address SDOH

Efforts to address SDOH are on the rise across the U.S. health care system. Determined to turn the tide against poor patient outcomes, public and private payers are supporting innovative care and services that holistically addresses patients’ needs. At the same time, health systems, physicians, pharmacists and other care providers are partnering with community organizations to address the social conditions that stand between patients and the health outcomes they want and deserve. These efforts can be strengthened by a greater utilization of pharmacists. As trusted providers embedded in the community, pharmacists are pivotal partners for screening, evaluation, services and connecting individuals with resources.

About PQA and SDOH

PQA is a national quality organization focused on medication safety, adherence and appropriate use. A measure developer, researcher, educator and convener, PQA fosters improvements in medication use that support high-quality care. PQA's SDOH efforts are focused on access to care and expanding pharmacist-provided care. We foster partnerships that position pharmacists as indispensable patient partners and clinical care team members. And we leverage quality measurement to identify and address the factors that impact a patient’s ability to gain access to needed medications. Access is a major factor in medication adherence, and non-adherence costs the U.S. healthcare system $100 billion to $289 billion annually.