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Chris Kotschevar man in blue suit and blue tiePQA, the Pharmacy Quality Alliance, is a member-driven organization.  

Our work to improve medication safety, adherence and appropriate use is informed at every step by our diverse member organizations, who represent pharmacies, health plans, health care providers, pharmacy benefit managers, biopharmaceutical companies, technology vendors, government agencies, associations, health information technology organizations, researchers, accrediting organizations and academia. 

There are roles for you play in guiding our overall strategy, shaping our measurement and research agendas and educating or learning alongside stakeholders on the importance of and best practices for medication use quality.  

Through regular emails, our website, blog, bimonthly Quality Connection newsletter, biweekly Five For Friday and social media, our communications team works hard to make sure you know about upcoming opportunities to engage, network and learn through PQA.  

If you don’t receive our newsletter or invitations for Quality Forums, sign up here and here. Firewalls and spam filters are tougher than ever, so if you think you’re missing emails from PQA, reach out and we’ll help troubleshoot 

As PQA’s Associate Director for Stakeholder Engagement, it is my job to help you navigate those opportunities and maximize your membership. You have a direct line to me and our team if you have questions or need help getting involved in our work or getting connected to other PQA members. Visit our Contact Us page at any time for a quick response, or reach out to me directly via email. 

I want to outline three key ways PQA can support your quality improvement work: 

  • Measurement is central to our quality improvement work. Whether you’re a measured entity or a partner in improving performance, you can inform our measures from conceptualization to implementation. See the ways our members can participate in the process. 
  • Health care is a team-based enterprise and so is quality. PQA fosters partnerships across our diverse membership to better develop and implement measures. Talk to us about your role and goals in quality, as we likely have ideas on who you can work with to take your business to the next level. 
  • Identifying best practices to improve quality and performance on measures is a constant priority. PQA’s robust education programs showcase innovative strategies for closing gaps in quality by effectively using PQA measures and other quality improvement tools.  

Check out our PQA 101 for additional ideas on what you can do with and through PQA. 

I hope to see you at the 2022 PQA Annual Meeting in Baltimore. It is a great time to meet PQA’s staff, have face-to-face conversations about your goals for improving medication use quality and get connected with like-minded leaders and organization.  

As your partner in quality, PQA is eager to engage with you. 

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