Blueprint PQA 2025 is our organization's vision for excellence and strategic plan. It features four goals and associated objectives that have been validated and sharpened by our members, our Board and staff through an iterative process. Together, we have set the course for PQA's work through 2025 to advance medication use quality.

Four Goals to Advance Medication Use Quality

1. Lead innovation and modernization of medication use quality to deliver solutions for a person-centered and value-based healthcare system.


  • Develop meaningful measures that meet the needs of payers, providers and pharmacies, address health care priorities and gaps, improve outcomes and value, and promote patient perspectives.
  • Expand implementation of PQA measures in quality improvement and value-based systems in public and private settings across health care and inform related policies.
  • Launch a PQA research and innovation center to conceptualize, evaluate, and advance new measurement concepts through pilots, programs, and systems of care.
  • Transition PQA measures to digital quality measures (dQMs).
  • Foster greater engagement and integration of patient voices across medication use quality, including measurement-related activities.

2. Advance the quality of pharmacist-provided care and services that optimize medication use, adherence and safety.


  • Develop a standard set of pharmacy performance measures that are appropriate for pharmacy accountability.
  • Leverage multiple data sources, including prescription claims and clinical services, to inform and support PQA pharmacy measures, initiatives and priorities. 
  • Demonstrate the importance of pharmacists, as well as interprofessional care teams, in optimizing medication use quality through high-impact content and programs.
  • Educate the broader healthcare community regarding opportunities to close gaps of care and improve medication use quality through integration of pharmacists.

3. Champion diversity, equity and inclusion and address health disparities in medication use quality.


  • Address health equity in current and future measurement activities, including the stratification of quality measures, to highlight disparities and opportunities for improvement and gap closure.
  • Advance best practices, through research and education, on patients’ unmet social needs and barriers to equitable medication access, safety and appropriate use.
  • Ensure the equitable and meaningful inclusion of individuals, who represent the nation’s diverse populations, in PQA’s work.
  • Highlight trends in access to medication-related care and services as well as strategies to address health equity through pharmacists.
  • Embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion principles at the PQA Board, staff, member, and volunteer levels.

4. Achieve organizational excellence through structure and processes that deliver exceptional value to our members and stakeholders.


  • Maximize member engagement, participation, and satisfaction related to PQA activities.
  • Streamline and routinely evaluate the efficiency, effectiveness, and interoperability of technology solutions to synchronize business systems and facilitate best practices in organization-wide collaboration and communication.
  • Foster a person-centered culture and dynamic people strategy centered on trust, empowerment and satisfaction.
  • Implement standard and consistent policies and procedures across the organization to support the success of the PQA team.