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2024 PQA Annual Meeting Features Almost Two Dozen Research Posters

The upcoming 2024 PQA Annual Meeting's poster session will showcase 23 quality improvement and research projects. Sponsored by Pharmacy Quality Solutions, this session offers authors a platform to exhibit their work and enables attendees to engage in insightful discussions about healthcare quality.

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PQA Annual Meeting Features Cross-Sector Collaboration to Improve Quality Use Medication

Have you made your plans to attend the 2024 PQA Annual Meeting? This year's meeting will be held in Baltimore from May 14 -16. Early registration ends Friday, April 19; register today to take advantage of the member discount!

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A New Day for PQA

Today is an exciting and important day for PQA. The PQA Board of Directors completed the sale of all of PQA’s shares in Pharmacy Quality Solutions (PQS) to Innovaccer, a San Francisco, CA based healthcare technology company with a platform unifying patient data across systems and care settings. A statement  from our Board Chair, Susan Cantrell, followed the Innovaccer’s announcement at the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition in Orlando. 

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Rare Disease Day and a Focus on Quality

Today is Rare Disease Day. It’s an opportunity to raise awareness of the impact of rare diseases.

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PQA’s Commitment to Engaging Individuals and Communities as Partners in Quality

Patients, caregivers, family members and advocates have a critical role to play in high-quality medication use. They provide unique and valuable insights about what is important and meaningful in medication use quality, which supports the development of appropriate and useful quality measures, as well as related education, research and tools that support informed health care decisions and better medication use outcomes.

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PQA Recognizes the Life and Mourns the Passing of Dr. Jeffrey Kelman

PQA mourns the passing of CMS Chief Medical Officer Jeffrey Kelman, MD, MMSc. Kelman served on the PQA Board of Directors for 10 years and most recently served on the board as a CMS Special Advisor. Kelman was a trusted advisor to PQA since its establishment in 2006. He was kind, generous and thoughtful in his support of PQA and its mission.

Kelman joined CMS in 2005 and helped implement the Part D program. He was a passionate advocate for patient-centered care and efforts to improve the quality of medication use. On behalf of our board, members and staff, PQA sends condolences to his family, friends, colleagues and the countless lives he touched during his life and career.

See Dr. Kelman's obituary for more on his life, accomplishments and family.

Five Actionable Insights for Successful SDOH Initiatives

There is tremendous momentum and a keen focus among PQA member organizations on addressing social determinants and social drivers of health (SDOH). SDOH impacts every aspect of care, including medication use, and the impact of unmet health-related social needs on patient access and use of care, outcomes, total cost of care, well-being and satisfaction is apparent and a priority to payers and providers.

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Fourteen Individuals Participate in Inaugural PQA Quality Shadowing Program

To build a larger and more diverse quality workforce, the PQA Quality Shadowing Program provides individuals from diverse groups the opportunity to observe certain nomination-based panels to gain knowledge that can support selection for future panels. 

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PQA’s Top 5 Blogs of 2023

PQA has published more than 80 blogs this year, providing insights and updates on our work to improve medication use quality. As we close out 2023, here’s a look back at the top five blogs of the year.

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Highlighting the Achievements of 2023

As we near the end of 2023, it’s a great time to reflect on our accomplishments this year. Certainly, each year brings its share of opportunities and challenges, and I’m proud of our progress as an alliance.  

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Top of the 7th for 2023

At PQA, you may have noticed that we appreciate sports analogies. Earlier this summer, PQA CEO Micah Cost discussed what baseball and quality measures have in common. In keeping with the baseball theme, PQA is entering the top of the 7th for 2023, and there is still plenty of time for members to get in the game.

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Top Posters at the 2023 PQA Annual Meeting

The 2023 PQA Annual Meeting poster session featured 24 quality improvement and research projects. Sponsored by Pharmacy Quality Solutions, the session provided an opportunity for authors to showcase their work and for attendees to engage in insightful dialogue about health care quality.  

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A New Look Representing the Importance of Quality Medication Use

PQA has a new look! Our fresh and modernized logo and color scheme reflect our positive, forward-looking view of the vital role of medications in health care and our role in bringing the industry together to improve quality. 

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Hear from 50 Quality Experts at the PQA Annual Meeting

The 2023 PQA Annual Meeting is May 10-12 in Nashville, Tenn. You’ll hear from more than 50 speakers across our general, breakout and special sessions.

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Maximize Your Meetings Budget with PQA

Is your team dealing with limited travel and meetings budgets for 2023?

Let PQA be part of the strategy to ensure your staff has robust and in-person opportunities for networking, professional development, continuing education, and strategic engagement with business partners and prospects.

The 2023 PQA Annual Meeting, May 10-12 in Nashville, Tenn., is one of most affordable and accessible national meetings:

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Over Two Dozen Posters at the 2023 PQA Annual Meeting

The 2023 PQA Annual Meeting poster session will feature 25 quality improvement and research projects. Sponsored by Pharmacy Quality Solutions, the session provides an opportunity for authors to showcase their work and for attendees to engage in insightful dialogue about health care quality. 

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PQA Will Convene Stakeholders to Advance the Quality of Medication Therapy Management

PQA will bring its members and industry experts together on November 2 to discuss the state of medication therapy management (MTM) practice, implications of recent Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services proposals and opportunities to evolve MTM quality measurement.

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PQA Quality Shadowing Program Builds a Deeper, More Diverse Bench for Measure Development

Shadowing programs are a great way to gain knowledge and insights about technical programs and processes.

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PQA Annual Meeting Diversity in Quality Scholarships Provide Opportunities for a New Generation of Leaders

The Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) is providing scholarships for minority health care professional students to attend the 2023 PQA Annual Meeting, May 10-12, in Nashville, Tenn., and participate in the pre-meeting Medication Use Quality (MUQ) Live workshop on May 10. This scholarship opportunity is part of the PQA Diverse Quality Leaders Program.

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Participate in the Measure Development Process in 2023

In the year ahead, PQA will continue developing innovative measure approaches for high-impact areas of care. From technical expert panels, stakeholder advisory meetings, the measure endorsement vote and convening events focused on future measure opportunities, PQA members have the opportunity to be involved each step of the way! 

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