Advancing Research In Medication Use Quality

Our commitment is to advance healthcare quality and performance measurement by conducting research to:

  • Inform medication quality measure development and implementation;
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of PQA’s measures; and/or
  • Promote best practices in medication use quality.

Research within PQA supports all aspects of its Strategic Plan.The scope of our work has an emphasis on medication use quality. The PQA Research Team conducts quantitative and qualitative analyses and provides strategic insight towards the advancement of healthcare quality and performance measurement.

Research at PQA is proactively collaborative, approachable, and actively seeking new partnerships and opportunities with members and other quality stakeholders. Through these efforts and past partnerships, we have contributed to the filling of healthcare evidence gaps, developed new approaches to quality measure development, organized and launched innovative pharmacy-practice strategies and trained students, graduates, fellows and others in quality performance measurement and outcomes research.

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