PQA's Value to You

Technology Solution Providers

PQA recognizes the exponential growth and critical role of health technology solutions in improving and innovating the delivery and quality of care for patients, providers, and payers. PQA technology vendors have identified the most valuable membership opportunities:

  • To connect with industry influencers, quality experts, healthcare thought leaders, and quality stakeholders within PQA's diverse membership;
  • To receive PQA communications and education about emerging industry trends and quality-related topics; and
  • To gain quality-related insights, industry trends and intel about measures in development.
“The partnership opportunities between our healthcare technology organization and PQA are numerous. Our business model is often driven by the provision of actionable information from data – quality metrics provide a tracking tool to aid in interventions. Our team also benefits from the measure development process – knowing what is happening in the pipeline helps us ensure our clients succeed. PQA’s research initiatives also present great opportunities to partner in different studies that are meaningful to our business and support safe of medication use.”

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