Leveraging Key Assets and Expertise to Innovate Quality Measurement

PQA Roundtables

To explore new opportunities for research and/or measure development, the PQA Research Team brings together thought leaders and experts from the public and private sectors to discuss healthcare gaps and to make consensus-based recommendations on addressing high-priority healthcare issues. We have conducted a series of Roundtables focusing on patient engagement in quality measure development, migraine, insulin adherence/persistence, medication access and social determinants, etc. If you would like to propose a Roundtable idea, please click on the submission link below.


Quality measure development requires a significant amount of time and resources. Depending on the measure’s complexity, the initial stages of drafting a PQA measure concept and conducting feasibility testing can take 9-15 months, the results of which may indicate that the measure is not feasible or lacks a significant impact (e.g., no noticeable gaps in care).

The PQA AGILE Model expedites these initial stages of measure development. By leveraging key data assets and measurement expertise, this new model will accelerate PQA measure feasibility testing. The crucial element of AGILE Model is the abbreviated timeline for generating initial measure concept specifications and conducting feasibility testing via a data-driven, iterative fashion. What originally required 9-15 months to complete, the AGILE Model will accomplish in 4-5 months. Findings from this initial work will help solidify whether the measure concept should continue through PQA’s customary process for completion (i.e., specification refinement via Measure Development Team, validity and reliability testing, risk adjustment [as applicable], PQA endorsement).

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