PQA Quality Awards Previous Winners



  • Excellence in Quality - Alignment Healthcare USA, LLC (H3815), Cigna (H5410), Humana (H1019), Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. (H0524), UNICO Premier, LLC (H3291), Anthem Insurance Co. & BCBSMA & BCBSRI & BCBSVT (S2893), Commonwealth of PA Pub Schools Retirement System (E3014), Health Plan Holdings, Inc. (S0655), HealthPartners, Inc. (S1822), Independence Health Group, Inc. (S6875), Independent Health Association, Inc. (S4501), SSM Healthcare Corporation (S970), The Carle Foundation (S4219), UPMC Health System (S3389)
  • Quality Improvement - Select Founders, LLC (H1587), Magellan Health, Inc. (S3875)



  •  Excellence in Quality - Alignment Healthcare (H3815), Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts HMO Blue (H2261), CarePlus Health Plans (H1019), Cigna (H5410), Dean Health Plan (H9096), Florida Blue Medicare (H2758), Kaiser Permanente Colorado (H0630), Kaiser Permanente Georgia (H1170), Kaiser Permanente Hawaii Region (H1230), Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States (H2150), Kaiser Permanente Northern California Pharmacy (H2172), Kaiser Permanente Northwest (H9003), Kaiser Permanente Pharmacy Operations - Southern California Region (H0524), Kaiser Permanente Washington (H5050), PruittHealth Premier (H3291), Blue MedicareRx (S2893), Navitus MedicareRx (S9701), Health Alliance Medical Plans (S4219), Pennsylvania Public School Employees’ Retirement System – Health Options Program (E3014), Tufts Health Plan (S0655)
  • Quality Improvement Aetna Health (H3597), Coventry Health Care of Missouri (H2663), Superior HealthPlan (H5294), UnitedHealthcare (S5921)

2019 (CMS Contract Number)

  • Excellence in Quality - Alignment Healthcare (H3815), Florida Blue Medicare (H2758), Kaiser Permanente California Regions (H0524), Kaiser Permanente Hawaii Region (H1230), Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic Region (H2150 and H2172), Kaiser Permanente Northwest Region (H9003), Independent Health Benefits Corporation (S4501), Tufts Health Plan (S0655), Health Alliance Medical Plans (S4219)
  • Quality ImprovementAllwell (H5294), Blue Shield of California (H0504), Brand New Day (H0838), Quality Health Plans of New York, Inc. (H2773), UnitedHealthcare (R3175), UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Tennessee (H0251), Pennsylvania Public School Employees’ Retirement System – Health Options Program (E3014), WellCare Health Plans, Inc. (S4802)


  • Excellence in Quality - Alignment Health Plan (Alignment Healthcare), Anthem Health Plans of New Hampshire (Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield), Care Wisconsin Health Plan, Dean Health Plan (Dean Advantage), Group Health Plan (HealthPartners), HealthSpring of Florida (Leon Medical Centers Health Plans), Kaiser Foundation Health Plan (Hawaii Region), Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the NW (Northwest Region), and Tufts Insurance Company (Tufts Health Plan)
  • Quality Improvement - Alignment Health Plan (Alignment Healthcare) and Health Alliance Medical Plans (Health Alliance Medicare)


  • Excellence in Quality - Blue Cross Blue Shield Northern Plains Alliance, Erickson Advantage, a UnitedHealthcare Medicare Plan, Kaiser Permanente California Regions, Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic Region, Kaiser Permanente Northwest Region, UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage Plans (multiple states)
  • Quality Improvement - Blue Cross Blue Shield Northern Plains Alliance, and UnitedHealthcare AARP MedicareComplete Medicare Advantage Plans (Texas)


  • Excellence in Quality - Leon Medical Centers Health Plans (by CignaHealthSpring), Kaiser Permanente California Regions, and Erickson Advantage
  • Quality Improvement - Cambia Health Solutions, Heartland Fidelity Insurance Company, and Physicians Health Choice of Texas, LLC Plan by UnitedHealthcare


  • Excellence in Quality - Group Health Cooperative, Humana Benefit Plan of Illinois, and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Northwest
  • Quality Improvement - Denver Health Medical Plan and UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company of New York


  • Chinese Community Health Plan, Humana, four Kaiser Permanente Regions (California, Colorado, Hawaii, and Mid-Atlantic)


  • Catamaran, Group Health Cooperative, and Kaiser Permanente California


  • Kaiser Permanente Northwest


  • CalOptima’s One Care Plan, Kaiser Permanente Colorado, and Kaiser Permanente Hawaii