PQA's Value to You

Pharmacy Benefit Managers

PQA understands the relationships you build with your members and other stakeholders to deliver better care, protect the health of a broader population, and provide better value across the entire healthcare system. Pharmacy benefit managers that are PQA members have identified the most valuable membership opportunities:

  • To shape and inform quality measure development;
  • To gain quality-related insights, industry trends and intel about measures in development; and
  • To access and leverage PQA's performance measurement expertise and educational resources.
“The implementation of PQA’s quality measures means we are better equipped to evaluate and demonstrate our performance, be it internally for our commercial clients, or via the CMS star rating program. Metrics also provide us an avenue to market our performance is a standardized, consistent manner. The PQA membership also gives us the opportunity to take part in quality measure development and endorsement.”

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