Oliver Emmanuel Valdez, PharmD, MSPH, CMI-Spanish

Executive Fellow


Oliver Emmanuel Valdez, PharmD, MSPH, CMI-Spanish, is the Executive Fellow at Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA). In this role, he actively leverages his clinical background to contribute to projects throughout the quality measure lifecycle, including those supporting measure development and stewardship. He also supports PQA's educational initiatives and helps to oversee pharmacy students completing APPE rotations at PQA.

Prior to joining PQA, Valdez worked as an inpatient pharmacy intern at UNC Health Rex, collaborating with hospital staff to ensure that patients received medications meeting USP standards and aligned with their medical needs. He was a member of the pharmacy staff at Walgreens for seven years, gaining valuable insights into the challenges patients face in the community pharmacy setting and actively participating in activities to address those challenges. Additionally, his freelance work as an English-Spanish medical interpreter highlights his dedication to overcoming language barriers in healthcare and providing culturally competent care for Hispanic populations. Valdez participated in a three-year internship with the North Carolina Farmworker's Project (NCFWP), where he delivered enabling services and primary care to farmworkers in rural under-resourced areas.

Valdez obtained a Doctor of Pharmacy and a master's degree in public health from Campbell University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

As a native of the El Paso-Juárez area, Valdez deeply values diversity and maintains a strong connection to his cultural roots. In his free time, he indulges in his passion for soccer, attends concerts, and embarks on adventures to new destinations with his loved ones.