PQA Seeks Comments on Proposed Standard Measure Set for Pharmacy Accountability in Value-Based Models

Open Comment Period Takes Place August 22-September 6

Alexandria, Va. (August 22, 2019) – The Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) seeks comments on its “Proposed Standard Measure Set for Pharmacy Accountability in Value-Based Models.” The proposed set could establish a new paradigm for collaboration between pharmacies and health plans to improve medication management and patient outcomes. PQA member and public comments will be accepted through September 6 at 5:00 p.m. ET via a form on the PQA website.

The proposed set includes measure concepts relevant to community and specialty pharmacy. PQA plans to develop the measures with a time-focused approach based on practical deadlines for measure availability for upcoming Medicare plan years. The proposal was informed by the consensus achieved in a PQA workshop held July 31-August 1 with community pharmacy, specialty pharmacy, health plan, pharmacy benefit management and association representatives. Once developed, the measures could be incorporated in value-based models in Medicare Part D and other programs.

“PQA has identified a proposed standard measure set for pharmacy accountability in Medicare Part D and other value-based models,” said Laura Cranston, RPh, PQA Chief Executive Officer. “We are encouraged by the growing consensus among pharmacies and payers on this set of pharmacy measures. PQA stakeholders recognize an expanding role for community pharmacists that can be measured. Pharmacy clinical services and the measures that document them are an important direction for PQA’s measure set in the medium and long term. We are committed to developing consensus-based measures that are focused on improving care and of value to patients and those who care for them.”

PQA has issued a memo with details on the comment period, the full Proposed Standard Measure Set and background information, including a summary of PQA’s workshop. PQA welcomes comments on the approach to creating a standard pharmacy measure set or on individual measure concepts prioritized for the set for short, mid and longer term.


Contact: Richard Schmitz, PQA Senior Director of Communications, [email protected] or 703-347-7931

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