Lida Etemad, PharmD

United Healthcare

Lida Etemad is currently the CEO of UHC Medicare Part D and the SVP for Government Programs Pharmacy. She has accountability for the stand-alone PDP product line P&L as well as the product development for the pharmacy components of the MAPD and health care exchange businesses. Additionally, she oversees the pharmacy shared services for all government programs – including Medicare, Medicaid, and Health Exchanges. 

Dr. Etemad has been with UnitedHealth group since 2002. The majority of her career was spent within UHC Pharmacy where she was accountable for numerous aspects of the UHC commercial and Medicaid prescription benefit programs, including product development, the prescription drug list management process, and pharmaceutical manufacturer relationships. She has spent time in research and data analytics with both Optum Insight (then Ingenix) and Optum Labs (then UHG R&D). Dr. Etemad enjoys leading innovation and strategic planning as well as mentoring and developing leaders. 

Dr. Etemad received her PharmD from North Dakota State University. Subsequently, she completed a fellowship at the University of Southern California where she earned a Master of Science degree in Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy. 

In her free-time, Lida likes to “dabble” in a variety of activities. She is careful to not do anything with any regularity such that she might develop any skill at it. If you are looking for someone to play bean bag toss, go fishing, participate in a wine tasting, attend a baseball game, a concert, or a Broadway musical – she’ll be up for it!