PQA Appoints 15 Individuals to Serve on COPD Treatment Ratio TEP

PQA has appointed 15 individuals from member organizations to serve on a technical expert panel (TEP) to review and provide input on draft specification for a health plan performance measure concept: COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) Treatment Ratio (CTR). 

The COPD Treatment Ratio TEP will provide expert input on the concept, which will assess the percentage of individuals whose CTR was >0.7 during the treatment period.  

The panelists self-nominated and were selected by PQA staff based on clinical expertise related to COPD and measure development experience. The appointed panelists are:  

  • Christi Badgett, AMCP 
  • Linda Chung, Humana 
  • Christine Eisenhower, University of Rhode Island 
  • Richard Erickson, Patient Partner 
  • Jennifer Hendricks, MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc. 
  • Kyle Ingram, Kaiser Permanente 
  • Erin Moore, Cardinal Health / OutcomesMTM 
  • Danielle Olmschenk, McKesson 
  • Kamal Patel, Elevance Health 
  • Roddrake Rumph, Walgreens 
  • Paul Solinsky, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy 
  • Michelle Vu, United Health Group 
  • Amanda Warren, CVS Health 
  • Alex Wiggall, Healthfirst (co-chair)
  • Dennis Williams, UNC at Chapel Hill Eshelman School of Pharmacy (co-chair)

The draft measure description and specifications will be informed and refined through TEP input. The TEP has three objectives:  

  • Address key questions identified during feasibility testing and initial measure concept specification; 
  • Assist the PQA team in refining draft measure concept specifications; and   
  • Make recommendations on potential advancement of the measure concept for PQA Quality Metrics Expert Panel review prior to testing.  

PQA aims for this measure concept to advance through our consensus-based development process and to be put forward for public comment and endorsement consideration.  

PQA and CMS identified COPD as a priority area for measure development in 2021 through the Health Plan Measure Concept Advisory Group (MCAG). The MCAG recommendations were also subject to a public comment period, during which PQA received support for development of the COPD Treatment Ratio measure concept. 

Visit our Measure Development page to learn more about PQA’s process for developing measures that matter. There are opportunities for all members to participate in the process, as well as nomination-based panels and groups like COPD Treatment Ratio (CTR) TEP. 

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