PQA Welcomes Five New Members

PQA is a non-profit organization with 250 diverse members across healthcare. Our members include community and specialty pharmacy organizations, pharmacists and other healthcare providers, pharmacies, health plans, pharmacy benefit managers, life sciences, technology vendors, government agencies, health information technology partners, researchers, accrediting organizations and academia.

New organizations regularly join PQA throughout the year. This blog recognizes five organizations that have joined PQA since April:

  • Helping Hand Health
  • Mississippi Division of Medicaid
  • Rebellis Group
  • Seguridad, Inc.
  • Texas Oncology

See our full list of members. Learn more about the benefits of joining PQA. And apply today to become a member!

Below is more information on each of our new members and a link to their website.

Helping Hand Health contracts with health plans to provide services that improve health outcomes, quality of life, measure performance and regulatory audit performance. Helping Hand Health is committed to providing excellence through their innovative approach to solving medication related problems and navigating the complexities of pharmacy compliance. They offer value-based contracting, ensuring positive outcomes as well as client satisfaction. Learn more: https://helpinghandhealthsolutions.com/

Mississippi Division of Medicaid responsibly provides access to quality health coverage for vulnerable Mississippians. It is a state and federal program created by the Social Security Amendments of 1965 (PL 89-97), authorized by Title XIX of the Social Security Act to provide health  coverage for eligible, low-income populations. All 50 states, five territories of the United States and District of Columbia participate in this voluntary matching program. Learn more: https://medicaid.ms.gov/

Rebellis Group is a consulting company designed for the modern health care landscape. Rebellis has decades of experience in health plan, PBM and government consulting and technology. The organization’s focus is to assist organizations in streamlining and optimizing systems and processes, connecting the dots between strategies and operational functions to maximize revenues, increase agility and develop fundamental insights for effective management. Learn more: https://www.rebellisgroup.com/

Seguridad, Inc.’s Choose My Pharmacy is the first measurement system for community pharmacies. It provides an evaluation of the quality of a community pharmacy to a variety of stakeholders, including patients, caregivers, other healthcare professionals and payors. Its measures have been developed and specified to evaluate community pharmacies using community pharmacy data and vertically integrated with the larger healthcare quality environment. Learn more: https://choosemypharmacy.com/

Texas Oncology is a pioneer in high quality community-based cancer care. It is an independent, physician-led practice delivering leading edge technology and treatment options and conducting innovative research. Founders of the practice pioneered community-based care to enable more cancer patients to receive high-quality care while staying close to the critical support of family and friends. Texas Oncology is a primary participant in US Oncology Research, a nationwide effort consisting of 250 research locations with an experienced staff of more than 500 dedicated research professionals. Learn more: https://www.texasoncology.com/

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