Drug Shortages – and COVID-19

Drug Shortages – and COVID-19

Early refills, drug substitutions, off-label use and supply chain interruptions may all contribute to drug shortages sparked by the COVID-19 crisis. PQA members are anticipating and responding to potential drug shortages. Here are some of the ways they’re taking action.

  • American Medical Association/American Pharmacists Association/American Society of Health-System Pharmacists has highlighted the important role of physicians, pharmacists, and health systems as stewards of health care resources and oppose stockpiling potential treatments and other behaviors related to the ordering, prescribing, and dispensing of medication without a legitimate medical purpose or patient need.
  • American Society of Consultant Pharmacists has outlined potential medications that could be impacted as a result of these shortages, while also detailing the use of therapeutic interchange as a potential solution. (This discussion occurred during a March 27 webinar.)
  • American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists is detailing the impact of pandemic related shortages, chronic shortages, and best practices for managing those shortages via an ASHP webinar.
  • AmerisourceBergen has increased safety measures for supply chain workers and customers and committed to support patients during a time of increased demand. This commitment involves the implementation of the fair share allocation program and adding inventory for medicines in COVID treatment.
  • Cardinal Health is ensuring access to the medical supplies and pharmaceuticals that their customers need and the safety of Cardinal associates.
  • McKesson has is carrying out measures to address the realized and potential shortages. These measures include limiting quantities of PPEs, medications, and other medical supplies to each client.
  • U.S. Food & Drug Administration is closely monitoring the supply chain and executing agency plans to increase access to ventilators and other medical products.

This list is far from exhaustive and will be updated periodically. We welcome additional online and publicly available resources that our members would like to share. You can email suggested links to us at [email protected].

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