PQA CEO Micah Cost: A Message to Our Members

Micah Cost, PharmD, MS, is PQA's CEO. Today begins his third week leading the organization. This blog features the message he shared with PQA members on February 1, his first day in charge. Follow Cost and PQA on Twitter for more insights on the organization's daily work to improve medication use quality.


Greetings PQA members!

It is with great enthusiasm that I address you as PQA’s new CEO! I am humbled and honored by the confidence placed in me, by the PQA Board of Directors, to continue the great work of Laura Cranston, the PQA team, and each of you.

I truly believe PQA is an organization like no other. Our membership is broad, diverse, and unique -- and each of you brings a very important perspective to this alliance. There is no other place where so many important health care organizations work together across sectors. Our shared goals of optimizing the quality of medication use, improving patient care, and increasing health system efficiency unite us.

For the past twelve years, I have been blessed to use my platform as an association leader to advance, protect, and promote patient access to high-quality pharmacist-provided care which is a big part of improving medication use quality. I am thrilled to continue this journey with PQA. As your CEO, I am committed to ensuring that:  

  • PQA is the leader and innovator in advancing the quality of medication use.
  • PQA is prominently recognized for its expertise, influence, transparency, and integrity as a measure developer, quality educator, researcher, and convener.
  • The PQA members, Board, and team feel valued, validated, and essential to the success of the organization.

Medication use quality will remain a central focus for our healthcare system, and these three core goals will be achieved through a spirit of collaboration and genuine sense of community shared by all of us. As we usher in this new chapter in our organization’s history, PQA remains committed to serving you and building a brighter future for patients through medication use quality.

I am grateful for this opportunity to serve you in this role, and I am looking forward to getting to know you!

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