Build Expertise in Calculating Measures

Foundational information on the structure of measure specifications and value sets is valuable for users of quality measures, accountable entities, or those learning about the basics of measure calculation. PQA’s Medication Use Quality continuing education program course, “Building Expertise in Calculating Measures,provides a detailed overview of topics essential to calculating quality measures, such as reading a measure specification, calculating the eligible population (denominator), calculating the numerator, and understanding value sets. 

Razanne Oueini, PharmD, MSc, CPHQ, PQA Senior Manager of Performance Measurement, introduces the purpose of measure specification, which provides clear and specific instructions for building and calculating a measure. Oueini will walk you through reading a measure specification by describing the key components of a measure specification, the basics of measure calculation, and considerations for the implementation of measures in measurement programs, such as those administered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The course will also prepare you to describe the core features of a measure’s eligible population (denominator) and numerator and be able to list the steps required for their calculation. 

Proportion of Days Covered: Diabetes All Class (PDC-DR), a PQA-stewarded measure implemented in the Medicare Part D Star Ratings, is used throughout the course to illustrate how a measure is structured and calculated.  

Director of Performance Measurement, Carolyn Lockwood, RN, MSN, introduces value sets, which are vital to the accurate and consistent calculation of measures. Value sets are lists of specific values, terms and codes used to describe clinical and administrative concepts in quality measures.  You’ll learn about the code systems used in value sets for PQA measures and beyond, the process for creating a value set, and examples of PQA value sets in the context of PDC-DR. 

This course provides a good baseline for individuals or organizations interested in becoming involved in PQA’s measure development process and can prepare learners who aim to serve on panels or as measure testers. 

 Six additional courses are available now in the PQA Education Center. 

  • Healthcare Quality Foundations 
  • Measurement Program Foundations 
  • Measuring Quality to Improve HIV Care 
  • Equity and Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) in Medication Use Quality 
  • Special Topics Impacting Quality 
  • Quality Improvement Foundations 

The cost per course is between $59 and $79, and PQA members receive a 50% discount. Information on the member discounts can be found in the Member Resources Library. More courses and the entire certificate program will be added throughout the summer. 

For additional information, group purchasing opportunities or questions on the program, contact PQA's education team at [email protected]. 

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