PQA's Value to You

Government Agencies

PQA is prepared to continue as a partner in the proper use of PQA measures by providing technical expertise, implementation know how, and opportunities to assist in the stewarding of measures to improvement and optimal use in your programs. PQA government agencies have identified the most valuable membership opportunities:

Capitol Building
  • To shape and inform quality measure development;
  • To gain quality-related insights, industry trends and intel about measures in development; and
  • To access and leverage PQA's performance measurement expertise and educational resources.
“Many of the PQA quality measures are currently in use in Medicare and Medicaid. For our agency, it is important to have an insight into the quality measure development process, and to engage with other stake-holders involved in this process. PQA is not only a transparent organization developing quality measures, but also a great educational resource. Their monthly webinars allow our employees to learn about quality-related regulations across the country, and their meetings brings our agency closer to healthcare leaders and experts.”

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