Executive Fellowship Alumni

Laurin Dixon, PharmD
2013-2014 Executive Fellow

Dr. Laurin Dixon served as the inaugural PQA Executive Fellow after graduating with her Doctorate of Pharmacy from the University of Mississippi College of Pharmacy. During her fellowship Laurin assisted with the re-endorsement of several PQA adherence measures and contributed significantly to submission of fully specified measures for NQF endorsement. Laurin’s most significant accomplishments were in establishing the PQA Academic Affairs Committee and the successful launch of the EPIQ program in July. Laurin’s first post upon successful completion of her fellowship was with Humana as Program Manager of Pharmacy Quality and Stars Maximization.

Maria Scarlatos, PharmD, CPHQ
2014-2015 Executive Fellow

Dr. Maria Scarlatos served as the 2014-2015 PQA Executive Fellow after graduating with her Doctorate of Pharmacy from Northeastern University Bouvé College of Health Sciences. One of Maria’s greatest accomplishments was her work developing a Star Ratings program for community pharmacies. In addition, Maria actively participated in the measure development process and helped lay the framework for several PQA measures. She was also influential in the management of the recently launched Educating Pharmacists In Quality (EPIQ) program. Maria’s first post upon successful completion of her fellowship was with CVS Health as a Medicare Part D Star Ratings Advisor.

Hannah Fish, PharmD, CPHQ
2015-2016 Executive Fellow

Dr. Hannah Fish served as the 2015-2016 PQA Executive Fellow after graduating with a Doctorate of Pharmacy from University of Toledo College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. During her fellowship, Hannah championed the growth of the PQA academic component of our membership. She also launched the PQA - CVS Health Foundation Scholars program, and instituted several new programs for students and faculty in conjunction with the PQA Annual Meeting. Hannah’s first post upon successful completion of her fellowship with the Pharmacy Quality Alliance as Associate Director of Education and Communications.

Mel Nelson, PharmD, CPHQ
2016-2017 Executive Fellow

Dr. Mel Nelson served as the 2016-2017 PQA Executive Fellow after graduating with a Doctorate of Pharmacy from the University of Arizona. During her fellowship, Mel was influential in PQA’s measure implementation efforts by expanding and facilitating PQA’s Implementation Advisory Panel. She also spearheaded a collaborative partnership between PQA’s Academic Affairs Committee and the Performance Measurement Team, strengthening the evidence base. Mel’s first post upon successful completion of her fellowship was with the Pharmacy Quality Alliance, where she initially supported both the Research & Performance Measurement Teams and ultimately landed in the role of Associate Director, Research & Academic Affairs.

Nicolette Mehas, PharmD, CPHQ
2017-2018 Executive Fellow

Dr. Nicolette Mehas served as the 2017-2018 PQA Executive Fellow after graduating with a Doctorate of Pharmacy from Purdue University. During her fellowship, Nicolette contributed to various healthcare quality and measurement initiatives. Notably, she created and launched the Healthcare Quality Innovation Challenge, a student competition to promote team-based, interdisciplinary scholarship. She was also instrumental to coordinating the Access to Care Roundtable project, which aimed to develop a framework for future performance measure development targeting gaps in medication access. Nicolette's first position upon successful completion of her fellowship was with the National Quality Forum as Director of Quality Measurement.

Hannah Lee-Brown, PharmD
2018-2019 Executive Fellow

Dr. Hannah Lee-Brown graduated from the University of Kansas. During her fellowship, Hannah contributed to various healthcare quality, education, and measurement initiatives. Notably, she created and implemented a professional development curriculum for student interns. She was also instrumental in curating and coordinating the migraine roundtable project, which aimed to explore the feasibility and appropriateness of migraine medication management measures. In addition, she conducted a scoping review to describe interventions that impact medication access, for which she won the best poster by a resident or fellow at AMCP Annual. Hannah’s first post upon fellowship completion was in the Medicare department at Healthfirst in New York City.

Carter Chapman, PharmD, RPh
2019-2020 Executive Fellow

Dr. Carter Chapman was PQA's seventh Executive Fellow. Carter earned his Doctorate of Pharmacy from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. While there he pursued his interest in leadership through the Don V Adams Leadership Academy and continued volunteering with various student organizations focused on community health access. Carter also completed a summer internship focused on patient education with Health Solutions in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. During his time as a Student Pharmacist, Carter completed projects focused on innovative payment methods, drug safety, and followership. Carter’s professional interests include pharmacovigilance and increasing access to care. At PQA, Carter played an important role in developing and implementing PQA educational programs and meetings, including PQA's new Medication Use Quality continuing education program, for which he also served as a faculty member. Carter's first post upon fellowship completion was with Mosaic Pharmacy Service, which specializes in providing pharmacy care to medically complex and vulnerable patients.

Christopher Kotschevar, PharmD, RPh, CPHQ 
2020-2021 Executive Fellow

Dr. Christopher Kotschevar served as Pharmacy Quality Alliance’s eighth Executive Fellow. During his time as Executive Fellow, Kotschevar supported the launch of PQA’s Medication Use Quality certificate program and led efforts to expand the course with the development of a module in Measuring Quality to Improve HIV Medication Use. In addition, Kotschevar led research related to barriers and facilitators of specialty pharmacy turnaround time, and supported PQA’s convening efforts through content development and delivery for the 2020 PQA Leadership Summit. Prior to his fellowship, Kotschevar graduated with his PharmD from South Dakota State University, during which time he served as a Regional Delegate for APhA-ASP and a Policy Committee member for APhAKotschevar remained with PQA immediately following his fellowship, transitioning to a permanent position as the Associate Director of Stakeholder Engagement. 

Alexis Caronis, PharmD, CPHQ 
2021-2022 Executive Fellow

Dr. Alexis Caronis served as Pharmacy Quality Alliance's ninth Executive Fellow. Alexis graduated with her PharmD from the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy in 2021. During her time at South Carolina, Alexis pursued opportunities in non-traditional pharmacy fields, completing internships at Leaderboard Branding and Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation. During her time as Executive Fellow, she supported the development launch of the PQA Social Determinants of Health Resource Guide, which she spoke about at the 2022 PQA Annual Meeting and the January 2022 PQA Quality Forum Webinar. She also coordinated the poster session at the annual meeting and helped launch the initial Medication Use Quality: A PQA Live CE Event. Caronis first position upon completion of her fellowship was Associate Director of Drug Safety at Leaderboard Branding, a Fingerpaint company.

Jasmine Perry, PharmD, CPHQ 
2022-2023 Executive Fellow

Dr. Jasmine Perry served as one of the 2022-2023 Pharmacy Quality Alliance Executive Fellows. Jasmine graduated with her PharmD from the University of North Carolina (UNC) Eshelman School of Pharmacy in 2022. During her time at UNC, Jasmine worked to serve underserved communities as the president of the UNC chapter of the Student National Pharmaceutical Association and National Legislative Chairperson of the same organization. Additionally, Jasmine served as a pharmacy communications intern with Pharmacy Quality Solutions (PQS) and a community pharmacy intern with Walgreens Pharmacy. During her time as an Executive Fellow, Jasmine updated and expanded the PQA Social Determinants of Health Resource Guide, created and delivered content about health equity and SDOH for the relaunched Medication Use Quality Continuing Education Program, developed and launched the Diverse Quality Leaders Program, and trained the next generation of pharmacists through various educational initiatives. Jasmine’s first position upon completion of her fellowship was as a Senior Clinical Pharmacist at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. In this role she uses her passion for value-based care by using data driven insights to develop clinical solutions to improve quality of care for both commercial members and Medicare beneficiaries.


Razanne Oueini, PharmD, CPHQ 
2022-2023 Executive Fellow

Dr. Razanne Oueini served as as one of the 2022-2023 Pharmacy Quality Alliance Executive Fellows. Razanne graduated with her PharmD from the University of Florida College of Pharmacy and a Master of Science in Pharmacology from the University of OxfordDuring her time as Executive Fellow, she she assisted with performance measurement and measure development projects and contributed to PQA’s educational initiativesOueini joined Pharmacy Quality Alliance as Senior Manager, Performance Measurement upon her completion of her fellowship. In this role, she contributes to performance measurement projects encompassing all stages of the measure development process, providing clinical expertise for the development and maintenance of PQA measures.