PQA's Value to You

Professional and Trade Associations

PQA is prepared to be a partner in bringing value and benefits through engagement opportunities to not only your organization, but also to your members. PQA member associations have identified the most valuable membership opportunities:

  • To collaborate with PQA and other quality stakeholders on pilot and demonstration projects;
  • To receive PQA communications and education about emerging industry trends and quality-related topics; and
  • To gain quality-related insights, industry trends and intel about measures in development.
“PQA membership is an invaluable tool for our organization. The value is multi-faceted: not only do we have opportunities to engage with and learn from other organizations in the industry, but we have another member-benefit for our constituents. In participating in PQA’s meetings and activities, we have been able to establish meaningful connections with pharmacy, healthcare, and quality experts.”

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