Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiential (APPE) Rotation

PQA offers a competitive experiential rotation that provides opportunities in several focus areas, including::

  • Non-profit and Association Management
  • Medication Use Quality Education
  • Member Communications
  • Research & Performance Measurement

Selected students may complete a rotation at the PQA headquarters located in the greater Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, or remotely. PQA's strategic location provides an opportunity for students to engage in current healthcare events and meet with pharmacists and other professionals in the healthcare quality field. The rotation is available as a final-year elective to pharmacy students completing their Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences.

APPE activities vary depending on current initiatives and priorities. PQA works with each student to align the experience with desired career goals and interests.

Transportation, housing, and all other costs of living are the responsibility of the student.

What truly drew me to PQA was my lack of knowledge of what PQA’s work encompasses. I had read on their website that they worked on quality metrics regarding adherence and medication use, but that was the extent of my knowledge. We learned about the importance of all these aspects in school, but I had never thought about who creates these metrics and how they are improved or implemented. Overall, my yearning for new experiences and my desire for learning new ideas really pushed me toward the PQA and their work.”
-Aneesh Asokan, PharmD, MBA;  2021 APPE Student

Application Information
This is a final-year elective to pharmacy students completing their Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences. Candidates are required to submit the following materials through an online application platform accessible via the PQA website:

  1. One-page cover letter
  2. Curriculum vitae
  3. Unofficial transcript from academic institution(s)
  4. One letters of recommendation*
  5. Letter of approval from school or college's experiential program staff expressing permission to complete to PQA's elective rotation. 

*For applications to be considered complete, one (1) letters of recommendation from faculty, dean, and/or employer must be e-mailed separately and directly from the recommenders to by the application deadline using the following subject line: “PQA APPE Rotation – Candidate Name”.

Important Dates


Applications are closed for the PQA APPE Rotation