PQA's Value to You

Universities and Academic Institutions

PQA is your partner in educating and training the next generation of healthcare quality leaders. PQA academic institutions have identified the most valuable membership opportunities:

  • To collaborate with PQA and other quality stakeholders on pilot and demonstration projects;
  • To receive PQA communications and education about emerging industry trends and quality-related topics;
  • To connect with industry influencers, quality experts, healthcare thought leaders and quality stakeholders within PQA's diverse membership; and
  • To access and leverage PQA's performance measurement expertise and educational resources.
“As members of an academic institution, my colleagues and I value the endless opportunities to collaborate with PQA on research, measure development, and educating the next generation. PQA insights on current and upcoming changes in the healthcare quality landscape and resultant impact on practice supplement our team’s approach to teaching the latest quality measurement strategies.”

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