Troy Trygstad, PharmD, MBA, PhD

Community Care of North Carolina

Troy Trygstad currently serves as Vice President of Pharmacy Programs for Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC). Under his direction at CCNC, the Network Pharmacist program has grown to include more than 80 pharmacists involved in activities ranging from patient-level medication reconciliation to practice-level health information technology adoption to network-level management of pharmacy benefits.

In addition to serving on multiple advisory panels addressing medication non-adherence, he has co-developed The Pharmacy Home Project. As part of that work, Trygstad co-created the PHARMACeHOME™ platform and the Care TriageTM analytics and care logistics engine.

He is also the Project Director for a CMMI Round 2 Innovations award that tests new models of payment and pharmacy connectivity to primary care providers and the Medical Neighborhood that includes over 250 pharmacies in North Carolina. He serves as the Executive Director of that effort through CPESN USA, LLC, a group clinically integrated networks of pharmacies. Trygstad received his PharmD and MBA degrees from Drake University and a PhD in Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy from the University of North Carolina. He proudly practices in a community pharmacy setting on nights and weekends and serves as a board member for the American Pharmacists Association Foundation, and the Pharmacy Quality Alliance, as well as Editor-In-Chief of Pharmacy Times.