PQA Leadership Summit 2019

The 2019 PQA Leadership Summit is an interactive, working meeting that will equip PQA members with meaningful and actionable learnings to address four leading national health concerns. From challenging clinical issues to technology and care delivery approaches, we’ll focus on areas important to improving health outcomes — and where PQA can support your work:

Access to Care Interoperability and Quality
Opioid Use Disorder Value-based Models

presentation PQA Leadership Summit 2018

Attendees will participate in facilitated workgroups to address specific needs of the audience – you! PQA will provide members an open forum to leverage the expertise of our staff, national thought leaders, and your fellow PQA member organizations. Together, we’ll help you identify strategies and solutions for addressing these four areas across PQA’s four roles in healthcare quality: convening, measure development, research, and education.

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Participants will receive concise pre-meeting reading materials to inform discussions and help you identify areas where your organization’s work can be strengthened through expanded initiatives or partnerships. Here are some additional details on the meeting’s format:

  • Attendees will be divided among the four issue tracks (You will be asked to rank your preferences)
  • Each track will explore challenges and opportunities in convening, measure development, research, and education
  • Experienced facilitators, subject matter experts and PQA staff will guide and support the discussion
  • Each session will leverage a different active learning technique to facilitate an engaged and productive meeting.

To prepare for the discussion, attendees will receive a two-page orientation for each strategic issue at least one week before the meeting. By the end of the meeting attendees will have:

  • Strategies and solutions to address the four health concerns
  • An expanded network as a result of the collaborative workgroup sessions/method of the meeting
  • A commitment from PQA to further leverage its work as a convener, measure developer, researcher, and educator in support of you and your organization.

Two individuals from each PQA member organization will be invited to attend the Leadership Summit. Additional information, including how to register, will be provided to PQA Key Member Contacts in the coming weeks. Attendance is open to PQA member organizations only and there is no registration fee. Please direct any questions about the Leadership Summit to PQA at [email protected].

Pre-PQA Leadership Summit Education:

Caring for the Whole Patient
Learn about Caring for the Whole Patient

PQA is hosting a national forum to showcase emerging best practices to address the social determinants of health (SDOH) and the role of pharmacists. Embedded in the community as the most accessible healthcare providers, pharmacists are uniquely positioned to connect individuals to resources. The forum features fast-paced, compelling presentations from national leaders, who are pioneering SDOH initiatives, and interactive “innovation laboratories,” where participants will collaboratively discuss strategies for scaling SDOH solutions and leveraging pharmacists in their organizations’ work.