Medication Therapy Management

PQA Medication Therapy Management Measures

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) can be assessed in multiple ways. Currently, one measure is endorsed by PQA. The Completion Rate for Comprehensive Medication Review measure assesses the extent to which MTM-eligible patients receive a comprehensive medication review during their MTM-eligibility period.

  • Completion Rate for Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR)

Medication Therapy Problem (MTP) Categories Framework

The Medication Therapy Problem (MTP) Categories Framework is a consensus-based document developed by the Pharmacy Quality Alliance’s (PQA’s) Measure Development Team (MDT) 9, to provide a framework for development of measures involving MTPs. The framework is intended to standardize how MTPs identified during Medication Therapy Management (MTM) encounters are categorized within measures. The MDT incorporated input from numerous MTM providers and practices and referred to MTP categories established in the literature. This standard framework for use within measures will promote consistent categorization and coding of MTPs and the related actions/recommendations to resolve the MTPs. This framework may evolve over time.

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* Update: August 28, 2018