Alexis Caronis, PharmD

Executive Fellow

Alexis Caronis is PQA’s ninth executive fellow. Alexis graduated with her PharmD from the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy in 2021. During her time at South Carolina, Alexis pursued opportunities in non-traditional pharmacy fields, completing internships at Leaderboard Branding and Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation. Additionally, Alexis pursued her passion of leadership development through participation in the Walker Leadership Scholars program and Phi Lambda Sigma, both locally and nationally.

Throughout pharmacy school, Alexis participated in various research projects including the evaluation of pharmacist-led transitions of care services in patients with diabetes, evaluation of medication safety training given to non-healthcare professionals, implementation of a robotic arm in a sterile compounding environment and assessing the impact of medication therapy in patients with left ventricular assist devices. Alexis’ professional interests include professional education, transforming research into value propositions, and enhancing the amount and utilization of pharmacy services across the healthcare system.